A Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician recommended acupuncture for the treatment of endometriosis and my search for a highly experienced practitioner led me to Helen Fielding. After a course of treatment the endometriosis which manifested itself in extreme pain, irregular periods and failure to conceive became completely transformed and I was able to work uninterrupted, with regular,pain free periods and happily to become pregnant.

I continued to see Helen throughout my pregnancy for well being and was always reassured by her knowledge and calm professionalism. I have continued to seek treatment from Helen when needed over the past 10 years to address migraines, back pain and extreme anaemia. Most recently I have had a recurrence of severe endometriosis with uncontrolled bleeding for which the fitting of a Mirena ring was suggested.

I did not feel comfortable with this approach, but felt desperate as the symptoms were claiming five days of my life every month and always seemed to coincide with a family or work commitment, so I turned to Helen for help. I can honestly say the result is nothing short of remarkable, I didn't actually think anything could help as the symptoms were so severe but a combination of a Chinese Medicine prescription and acupuncture has brought the symptoms completely under control, curtailing the severe bleeding, pmt and tiredness. I can now sleep, work and conduct a normal existence.I can recommend this practitioner without reservation.PS, Bristol